My Vote for Housing – Housing Priority

My Vote for Housing

Make Housing the Heart of the Election – Is a campaign by ACTCOSS & ACT Shelter spotlighting the Housing Affordability Crisis during the 2016 election. Housing Affordability is a significant and widespread problem in Canberra.

My vote for housing

Show your commitment to Housing Affordability as a Priority by visiting the My Vote for Housing website at; and registering your vote.

Have you experienced housing stress?
My Vote for Housing would like to hear about your experience.

“Stories from Home” is your chance to talk about what Home means for you. What was your experience, how did it impact on you? By talking about your experience you can contribute to the campaign. Visit My Vote for Housing and fill out the Stories page for the Share Your Story of Home form.
Stories will be featured on the My Vote for Housing stories page. They may also be shared on social media through the facebook page