Documentary OWL’s New Face of Homelessness


1 thought on “Documentary OWL’s New Face of Homelessness

  1. I’m glad there is finally some public awareness of this issue. I was temporarily homeless between jobs when my son was ~4 (I didn’t get any maintenance from his father) and we had to couch surf until I could get enough money to pay bond on a rental. So humiliating. I am now 65, still working full time. I moved to the country and bought a budget villa, but I only have enough super to pay out the mortgage, so I have to keep working until I can get a little money on top of that. Also, moving away from family & friends for financial reasons was in many ways not a good move. I live in a very small town and feel deeply the lack of depth in social engagement and connection. I want to move back closer to my son & family, but the rents are very high back in the city, and I have great fear about what would happen to me if/when I eventually stop work; how could I afford to put a roof over my head, in an area where I want to live?

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