HAAG Call Out for People to Actively Participate As a Voice for Older People & Housing

Dear friends of housing and older people,

We are writing to you because of your interest in the Ageing on the Edge – National Older Persons Homelessness Prevention Project.

Through our work on the project we have learnt about the dire need for action on this issue. But we have also realised the groundswell of people like yourself who are ready to act!

We are now seeking to form a national network of older people who are interested in being involved in taking action to get more help and housing for older people who don’t have a secure and affordable home in retirement. You can participate in many ways:

  • Receive our news bulletins and provide feedback
  • Allow us to use your housing story (anonymously)
  • Meet with other concerned older people in your State
  • Attend meetings with Members of Parliament and senior government representatives
  • Write letters
  • Visit your local Member of Parliament
  • All kinds of other action as decided by you!

If you are interested, as a first step please fill in this form that will give us an idea of how you want to be involved.

Fill in the form

Also, to help co-ordinate the network we are forming a small organising group to deal with the day-to-day running of the network. If you are interested please also let us know on the attached form.

It’s time the voice of older people was heard loud and clear on housing. Let’s get together and make it happen!

Kind regards,
Jeff Fiedler
National Development Worker