Senate Inquiry Women’s Economic Security in Retirement

“The New Face of Homelessness”

Housing Vulnerability

The inability to afford housing is a major impact of insufficient or lack of superannuation savings for women aged 45 and over. Women who are single and do not own their own homes are highly vulnerable to homelessness and experiencing housing stress.

Research data from ACT Shelter, (2014) Home Truths Older Women’s Housing Vulnerability report supports other data and anecdotal evidence. A study by Sharam, (2010) has identified this cohort as “the new face of homelessness”. Anglicare’s National Conference (2015) presentation, Dialogues of homelessness, substantiated the data findings from the ABS (2011) census. Indicating that there are 600,000 women nationally who are or at risk of homelessness. The Safe+Well Anti-Poverty Week Green Paper report, (2015) provided data and anecdotal evidence identifying women aged 45 and over as highly susceptible to housing stress and homelessness.  

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